Identifying the underlying causes so you can Optimize Performance!

No Strings, Just Results.

The process is the same for everyone:

    • Complimentary Discovery Consultation to discuss the process
    • Initial Assessment and Blood Chemistry Analysis where we start to evaluate your metabolic status, address sub-clinical issues before they evolve, identify deficiencies, and look at your blood as you’ve never seen it before!
    • Upon review of your Intake and Blood labs, I’ll recommend a protocol and possibly further testing.
    • You will implement a 6-Day Detox to clear the path for your healing.

All programs start with Blood Chemistry Analysis to guide our path in the detective work.

You will walk away with:

  • a detailed bio-individualized analysis of your blood work
  • extensive reports indicating where your lab markers fall on the “optimal” lab range scale
  • your bio-individualized nutrient deficiencies or excesses, with protocol
  • identification of any possible underlying health problems, hormone imbalances or other imbalances within the body
  • an interpretation of your blood work and review of your analysis
  • a personalized supplement protocol based on your unique biochemistry
  • Recommendations for further testing to dig deeper

The cost of labs and supplements are not included.

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All programs are offered for In-Person or Online Consultations.

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