Can Noise Raise Your Blood Pressure?

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Report Shows Noise Raises Blood Pressure Considering living near a busy airport or highway? You may want to give this decision a second thought. In addition to disrupting sleep and contributing to stress, proximity to loud noises has a noticeable effect on our blood pressure. Rich JacobsRich Jacobs is a Board Certified Integrative and Functional Nutrition Practitioner who specializes in … Read More

Better Sleep for Better Health

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Are your nights filled with restful sleep, or do you toss and turn until morning? Do you spend your afternoons stifling yawns, but feel wired when you finally crawl into bed? Inadequate rest can cause a host of issues, but sleeping well can be impossible if your health is less than optimal. Wondering how to break the cycle? You’ve come … Read More

6 Tips for Getting Better Sleep

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We all love sleep and most of all we need sleep!  And when we don’t get enough sleep, we start to feel lousy.  Low energy, brain fog and even over-eating are results of not getting enough sleep. So, what does sleep look like and why is it so important? Why Rest is So Important Let’s start by talking about the … Read More

Lose Fat by Sleeping More

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Sleep More to Lose Fat! A lack of sleep can make it harder to lose fat. A 2012 study found that those who had the longest sleep duration (at least 7 hours) had the biggest reduction in fat mass. The quality of your sleep is just as important in aiding fat loss via hormonal balance. Some helpful tips for getting … Read More