My Process for Treating Your Chronic Health Complaints

Case Review Consultation

It all begins with the Case Review.

You’ll tell your story from childhood until present day.  This may seem extensive, but each detail may reveal clues and healing opportunities.

Then, we’ll discuss your Intake Paperwork and I will offer recommendations.  These may be labwork recommendations or your health plan if no labs are needed at this time.  

Results & Recommendations Consultation

At this step, we will review your labs in full detail. We don’t move on until YOU understand what they mean for you!

Then we discuss your Health Plan to correct imbalances that may be causing your health issues.

Often, this includes nutrition changes, stress management, exercise and a supplement plan.  Each of these areas is important for your success, and many see results immediately upon making these changes!

Maintenance & Relationships

This process is not just a quick consultation, it’s a relationship!  Usually, the healing process takes 6-12 months.  During this time, we’ll need to be on the same page and have open communication.

Additional consultations may be needed along the way, and I am available periodically by email for quick questions.

I’m here for you until you feel amazing!

Talk to me for Free and decide if this is right for you.

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