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Rich Jacobs My Health Detective 1747 East Northern Ave Phoenix, Arizona 85020 480-309-3334 https://myhealthdetective.com https://goo.gl/ySl877 https://www.facebook.com/urhealthdetective/ https://twitter.com/healthdetectiv https://www.instagram.com/myhealthdetective/ Rich Jacobs specializes in resolving chronic fatigue, weight gain, thyroid and gut issues for fitness physique competitors.

About Me

Hey, my name is Rich Jacobs, your Functional Medicine Practitioner, and I've dedicated my life to helping athletes like you reverse their chronic fatigue and gut issues and get back in the game.  

As a former collegiate strength coach and someone who trained hard and competed, I understand what it takes to be elite and I also understand what happens when you're not.

At the age of 35, I was training for a physique competition, building my own business, getting out of a bad relationship, moving to a new city, and creating a new life.  

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Reverse Fatigue, sleep and gut issues

As an athlete or physique competitor, you are always looking for the edge in competition or the solution to your fatigue and performance issues.

Once we start this process, you could start seeing and feeling results in as little as a couple of weeks!

If you’re frustrated with not getting the results you've been working for, never having enough energy, or gut issues, let me help you get to the root cause! 

I work with everyone in the US, in-person or online!




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