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20 Minutes of Daily Exercise Can Change Your Life

It should come as no surprise that daily exercise can make a huge impact in our lives. But is it necessary to spend hours at the gym or on the trail to achieve optimal health? While being a gym rat will help you achieve results faster, it’s actually not a requirement....
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5 Ways Poor Digestion Is Affecting Your Life

There’s some misalignment in our lives. It’s 2017, and we know so much about our health and diets—more than ever before—yet we still have ready access to fast foods and processed meals. While we may know more, we don’t always act on that knowledge. And that’s...
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How to Help a Colic Baby

How to Help Your Colic Baby I am not an expert when it comes to babies, but we did find a solution after the worst 10 days of our life!  Our newborn progressively got more fussy and colic as the days went on.  We were about to throw in the towel, but we figured out...
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Gut Issues: What Your Gut Is Trying to Tell You

We’ve all been there: We have a glorious gastronomic feast on our plates—that represents a huge indulgence—and we devour it. Even when our stomach is full, we continue to eat. After all, it’s just so delicious! But there’s a reason your stomach is grumbly afterward;...
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