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Detoxification to Jumpstart and Get Lean

No doubt you’ve heard all kinds of information about detoxification, and you may have wondered if it’s a good choice for you. If you’re a competitive athlete, there’s no doubt that a good detox can do wonders for your health and prepare you for a competition. What’s...

How Gut Health Affects Hormones

We’ve long heard of the hormonal issues that women face as they enter into midlife. But it’s only been recently that we’ve begun to hear more about how men are affected as well. We all have hormones, and as we age, their levels can change. This results in fluctuations...

20 Minutes of Daily Exercise Can Change Your Life

It should come as no surprise that daily exercise can make a huge impact in our lives. But is it necessary to spend hours at the gym or on the trail to achieve optimal health? While being a gym rat will help you achieve results faster, it’s actually not a requirement....

5 Ways Poor Digestion Is Affecting Your Life

There’s some misalignment in our lives. It’s 2017, and we know so much about our health and diets—more than ever before—yet we still have ready access to fast foods and processed meals. While we may know more, we don’t always act on that knowledge. And that’s...

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